Dale Ash

Dale Ash, Republican for Utah House District 42

I love Utah. I will listen. Together, we can protect our quality of life and our children’s future.

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When Sandy residents became alarmed by an electrical substation zoning request, I listened carefully during public meetings. Then proactively contacted transmission experts to verify statements, organized and chaired a volunteer Master Planning for Power Committee, developed consensus, and cooperated with city officials to economically bury associated high-voltage powerlines. My leadership coupled with the combined team effort of many wonderful volunteers resulted in Sandy City giving me an Outstanding Citizen Achievement Award in 1998. I didn’t do it alone, nor can I represent District 42 alone. When your love for Utah motivates you to fix problems or pursue opportunities, citizen input and involvement are crucial. I love Utah. I will listen. Together, we can protect our quality of life and our children’s future. Wise decisions today will yield bright futures tomorrow.

A life-long Republican, I support our GOP platform and served as chair of the Salt Lake County GOP, my Precinct, Legislative & Senate Districts, as a County & State Delegate, and on State and Salt Lake County Central Committees.


Born and raised in the US Army, I’m very proud to be an American and a Sandy, UT resident for over 35 years. My father is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Our family followed my father to Panama, Virginia, Michigan, California (the year Dad was on the DMZ in Korea), New Jersey, Kansas, Japan, Taiwan, and Tucson, Arizona where Dad retired. I worked in fast food through high school. Became a closing manager my senior year and served as Honor Society and Student Body President at Rincon High.

After graduation, I left home at 17 and was on my own thereafter. Attended U of A one semester, converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was self-employed as a sub-distributor for Zee Medical Service, held insurance and securities licenses selling for ITT Life, moved to Roosevelt, UT to work on oil drilling rigs, worked on an offshore drilling ship for Global Marine 90 miles off San Diego, served a 2 year mission to Hong Kong, and then attended BYU for 3 years.

I Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business Management with a finance concentration in 1981 and married Charlotte Glade, from Murray, UT. Sold real estate securities for Security National Investment in Utah before joining Merck & Co. Inc, and moving to Duluth, MN in 1982 as a pharmaceutical representative. I was promoted to Hospital Representative at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, in 1985 then to the home office in West Point, PA in 1987 as a Business Analyst. After a promotion to Business Manager in 1988, we moved to Sandy, UT where we have lived in the same home for over 35 years. We raised 5 children in Utah and now have 18 grandchildren. After retiring from Merck, I worked for Security National Mortgage and Bank of America as a mortgage loan officer. Retired again in Dec 2019 and served a 21-month senior mission with Charlotte as Communication Specialists for the Asia Area office in Hong Kong.


Staunchly Defend

The freedoms, principles, & values of our Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights on behalf of all Utah citizens and especially residents of House District 42.

Honor and Support

Our veterans, military, Utah National Guard, and Utah Highway Patrol. Protect our children’s health, education & future. Continue our thriving business-friendly economy that attracts investment and creates jobs. Preserve Utahn’s freedom and quality of life. Ensure master planning for roads & critical infrastructure.

Listen, Verify Facts, Decide, Pursue Greatest Public Benefit

Listen to both sides of issues, verify claims, decide what is best for the most people, and pursue the greatest public benefit while insisting on cost accountability and results for “We the People.” Service mindset, sacrifice, devotion to duty, and principled decision making are critical to public service.

Will Serve You

I am not a special interest candidate nor am I building a business or a springboard to something else. I am retired and have the time to provide you with dedicated and principled public service. You deserve solid representation. My love for my children and grandchildren also compels me to serve diligently and faithfully. Past history is the best predictor of future success. My track record of community service in many ways over many years is solid evidence of caring commitment to neighbors, children, the Republican Party, and our community.

“On January 3rd, GOP friends urged me to file for District 42. They know that my leadership and consensus building will get things done. We want limited government and regulated free enterprise calculated to maximize individual and group freedoms. “We the People” set the limits. “We the People” are in charge.”

-Dale Ash

Upcoming Events

UT House District 42 County Delegates Meeting

Cottonwood High School, 5715 S 1300 E, Murray, UT 84121
Friday, April 12, 2024

UT House District 42 County Delegates Meeting

Cottonwood High School, 5715 S 1300 E, Murray, UT 84121
Saturday, April 13, 2024
8:00AM Registration, 10:00AM General Session, 2:00PM Breakout Session in Room 101 with Candidate 3-minute speeches and Delegate voting

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    Imagine a Wall

    It begins on a bridge at Concord
    And stretches through time to WW II, Korea, Vietnam, & Desert Storm
    On one side of the wall are the tyrants
    The Hitlers, Stalins, & Saddam Husseins
    Who would enslave, steal, & murder
    On the other side of the wall are American families
    Men, women, and children at work & at play
    It is not a wall of forts, or ships, or planes
    It is a wall of living Americans
    Willing to place their lives
    Between their loved ones & harm’s way
    We breathe free, work free, worship free
    And live free because of their sacrifices
    We will remain free
    And that wall will stretch out
    As far into our future
    As there are free men & women
    With the courage & dedication
    To be worthy of
    And to die if necessary
    For the Cause of Freedom 

    Ash – Copyright 1998